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Japan Contemporary Arts and Crafts
Kinki Association

現代工芸美術家協会  近畿会

Gist and Outline

1961 Posted in the bulletin "Contemporary Craft News No.1"

…The true meaning of craft is to make full use of so-called craft materials based on the artist's aesthetic illusion, and to express unique beauty based on the molding effect.

It is to pursue the beauty of crafts regardless of whether the production form is three-dimensional or two-dimensional.

For a long time, the phrase “usable crafts” was nothing more than an instrumental description of crafts.

Modern craft also demands a new interpretation of modernity...


With this assertion as a flag, we aim to open up new fields of crafts in Japan, and develop modern craft movements both domestically and internationally.

The Contemporary Crafts Artists Association Kinki Kai (Kyoto, Osaka, Hyogo, Shiga, Nara, Wakayama) is one of the 14 regional organizations of the Contemporary Crafts Artists Association.

Through craft art creation activities, we have explored new ways and directions of modern craft art, and have pursued new developments for the future while improving the qualities of each member.


  Currently, there are about 70 members of this association, and they play a role in the Kinki art world.

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